Requirements Gathering for Software Design

Creating the ideal.


Knowing the domain is as important to software development as one’s strategic objectives. Arguably, without a sound basis in the reality of the field a software will operate in, any strategy will likely miss its mark.

Uncommon Correlation specialise in building robust requirements for software development.

Our work starts with an analysis of the strategic objectives of both the organisation, and the project at hand. We take into account the resources and assets available to the software development team. Then, we establish a clear and detailed analysis of the domain, examining the domain logic, the known factors operating within the domain, the known unknown factors which may need to be explored. Building on this foundation, the user base will be defined, with key personas identified, from end-users to owner-users. Finally, we will frame our research a conceptual schema for the domain and the end-product data model, and an extensive list of user journeys and intended outputs and outcomes for each.

Given our expertise, our service also allows us to compliment our materials with a report outlining prospective risks, challenges and opportunities, as well as refinements which may be highlighted as necessry within the strategic objectives.

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