Data Protection Impact Assessment

Uncommon Correlation offers a complete DPIA service for your organisation and your processing projects, encompassing technical, legal, and policy expertise


A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is a mandatory exercise under the Data Protection Act 2018. They are more than a security compliance check: they are a comprehensive analysis system which will help you implement necessary safeguards upon data and minimise risk to your operations.

Every stage of your data processing operations matter - from acquisition through storage to processing and value delivery - and Uncommon Correlation’s meticulous analysis will reveal any weaknesses or risks throughout.

DPIA: old practices with added value

Organisations have a duty to protect their people, business, customers, and their data. DPIAs are mandatory, but don’t need to be a chore: your infrastructure, clients, and management need the assurance and safeguards it provides.

Presenting a thorough and scrupulous examination of your data, analysing data entered, processed, stored and transmitted out of your system, Uncommon Correlation assesses the real liabilities your organisation is facing.

Uncommon Correlation can show you how clear and simple the DPIA guidelines are, how to apply them throughout your delivery lifecycle, and how to educate your staff. Security has become the paramount criterion for the stability and viability of organisations.

Step in-line with the GDPR and demonstrate your commitment to privacy and security - contact us to start the DPIA process. triangle pointing right