Implementing Agile

Agile minds get better results.


Efficiency and excellence is hindered by ineffective procedures and counterproductive project management.

The Agile methodology serves data-intensive software-focused teams particularly well, as learning development is key to deliver an effective and meaningful software product.

Implementing Agile principles in a team must be carried out with respect to the team itself. Each team is different, just as all the individual team members are. Therefore, implementation of Agile is more to be brought out of the team as it is put in. Likewise, the Agile manifesto should be applied to the rollout of Agile itself.

We first must examine and assess your organisation and its methodologies. This will involve senior management as well as the engineering team, and covers processes, testing, infrastructure, assets, and goals. We use this data as a baseline for the organisation to measure the outcomes of the transformation against, and as a starter to determine with the team the best implementation of the Agile manifesto for the team itself.

Uncommon Correlation works to facilitate the transition to Agile, and for this process, we recommend short development cycles, of two to four weeks.

Prioritise people and put your trust in their abilities - contact us to begin adopting Agile principles. triangle pointing right